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Our pickleball set is the first of several products to launch under Negris Sports.


PU material, Ostrich grain 2.Size: 44.5*22*2.5 CM 3.Customized printing logo "NEGRIS LEBUM AMERICA" on both sides

4. Inside a zipper pocket for mobile phone



Racket Material:

Full carbon fiber face + 10mm PP honeycomb core

2. Material of Edge : Black Matte PVC

3. Material of Handle Grip Tape: black PU

4. Rubber ring: Black

5. The cap of handle: black

6. One pice paddle weight: 225±10G

7. Package: Paddle packed with Bubble bag


Paddle size: 7.8in *15.7in Finished paddle thickness:0.58in Handle length: 4.8 inches Handle girth: 4.13 inches

Vegan Tote and Racket

$550.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price
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